People, Politics, Participation.

Government of fragile rural areas in Italy and Europe

Rovigo - March 22-23, 2019

Palazzo della Provincia - via Ricchieri detto Celio, 10  


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The community of practice “Fragile Rural Areas” finds itself working in a context that appears radically and suddenly changed. The places left behind, - as many scholars call them - are showing strong signs of malaise, which seem to be oriented towards the search for closed communities, the rejection of diversity, the skepticism and the repulsion for scientific knowledge, intolerance, the demand for strong men capable of restoring order, the contrast between a pure people and a corrupt elite. The new emerging political geographies in all the western countries where the vote has taken place in recent months, seem to confirm this orientation. If this is true, there are new questions for those who are committed to the issue of fragile rural areas. The Fragile Areas conference 2019 starts from here: what are the causes of this dynamic, which many scholars call neo-populism or authoritarian populism? Does a rural dimension of this tendency also exist in Italy? If so, what is the situation in fragile rural areas? Do we have tangible signs in our fieldwork and research, as well as the data emerging from the political analysis? What actions can be put in place, which policies, what new commitment for civil society organizations?




Scientific Commettee: Filippo Barbera, Fabrizio Barca, Marco Boschini, Gianluca Brunori, Domenico Cersosimo, Aldo D'Achille, Viviana Ferrario, Matilde Ferretto, Giuseppe Ieraci, László J. Kulcsár, Arturo Lanzani, Daniela Luisi, Marilena Macaluso, Annick Magnier, Natalia Mamonova, Luca Martinelli, Patrizia Messina, Francesco Monaco, Andrea Morniroli, Luigi Pellizzoni, Ermete Realacci, Filippo Tantillo, Giuseppina Tumminelli. .

Organizing Commettee: Giorgio Osti, Chiara Zanetti, Marcello Cabria, Sara Morelli, Giovanni Carrosio